Fenghua is "Red-Gang" tailors`hometown all long.Since the modern times,outstanding famous tailors from Fenghua have been making groups generation after generation,so their famous tailors`shop in Ningbo,Shanghai,etc.have been famous in China and in the world.Wang Caiyun`s "RongChangXiang" in thd old Shanghai was "the Master Ancestor of Shanghai Western-Stlty Suits"by the public society.Till thd modern times,the excellent garment enterprises of "LUOMENG" as a well-renowned trade mark,"AIYIMEI" as China largest cashmere sweater export base,etc.all are ones of handed-down the Red Gang ancestors`style,making the Red Gang garments re-honourable and Fenghua into a place of combinging traditional Chinese garments style with the Western Style suits,so Fenghua is named sd "the Place of China Garments".

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