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    Fenghua has beautiful travel resouces.
    In Fenghua, the mountains are full of green, the rivers are flowing in interweaving, the forest coverage rate reaches 51%, the fresh water resource is abundant, so the ecological environment is superior and outstanding. Tengtou Villange of Fenghua is named as one of “the 500 Best Ecological Spots of the Globe” by the United Nations.Here are green forests shading everywhere, blue waters flowing long and zigzag, flowers and fruits spraying fragrance,hundreds of kings of birds singing in harmonyso the buman resident environment is like a fairyland full peach forest source, making people fully realize fascinating rural landscape and natural romantic charm. Tengtou Village concentates ecological tourism and sightseeing agriculture on one , being appraised as a “National AAAA-Level Tourist Spot’. Xikou is also the important “Nation AAAA-Level Tourist Spot”. Xikou and the Xuedoushan Mountain scenic Forest are “Nation Forest Parks”. It combines cultural,natural with Buddhist scenes, it is an attractive place to tourists home and abroad.Such as Qiang Zhang Yan Waterfall. Snow-capped Miao Gao terrace, Waterfall down XuFu Crag,Laughter overflowing Shangying deep pool,Morning Bell in Xue Dou Moungtain , Ying Feng vacation village and so on. 

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