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   Fenghua locates in the north sub-tropical zone`s monsoon climate region, with natural conditions richly endowed by nature, so full of various kinds of local special products. Fenghua`s honey peach, Fenghua`s mother taro, Fenghua`s big bamboo, Fenghua`s big white goose and Fenghua`s blood clan have long early been famous in and out of China. Fenghua`s flowers and nursery plants, strawberry, bamboo shoots, tea, etc. have become large-scale leading farm products through farm experts` meticulous reform and cultivation. Fenghua City has been appraised as the honourable names of "the Place of China Taro", "the Place of China Honey Peach", "the Place of China green Plum", "the Place of Flowers and Nursery Plants", etc.

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