Wiling Gate Tower
Waling Gate Tower was built at the expense of Chiang Kai-she in 1919.The tower is a two-store building with upturned eaves, set off in the trees. It is one of most attractive place in Xikou.
    Chiangs` Ancestral Hall
The Ancestral Hall of the Chiang Kai-shek`s Family used to be an important place for the family for such events as ancestor worship. family conference, holiday celebration and so on.
    Mohe Hall
Mohe Hall is the private nunnery for the Buddhist practice by the females of the Chiang`s family. The hall was built in 1931,at the expense of Mao Fumei, Chiang`s mother, in commemoration of Chiang`s remote ancestors.
    Yutai Salt Shop
Yutai Salt Shop is where Chiang Kai-shek was born. In the past, Yutai Salt Shop was a shop run by Chiang`s grandfather and father.
    Fenggao House
A national historic site, Fenggao House is the former residence of the Chiang Kai-shek`s family. The building is a typical residence of an aristocratic family, with the front yard and the back yard, the wing rooms, the garden and the central courtyard.
    Tomb of Wei Qi
Tomb of Wei Qi lies west of Pingshan Hill in Xikou Town, Wei Qi, born in Anhui, was an official in the South Song Dynasty. He chose Xikou Town as his rest place.
    Wang Kongle Art Gallery
As a new place of interest, the gallery has four halls, displaying selected artistic works of well known painters and calligraphers as Wang Kangle and Liu Haishu.

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