The Introduction of Fenghua City

    Fenghua, located at the south edge of the Yangtze River Delta adjoining with the East China Sea and Xiangshan Port, is “Backyard Garden of Ningbo City”. It covers 1277 square kilometers on land, and 91 square kilometers on the sea with a coast line of 63 kilometers. 60% of it is covered by mountains, 10% by water and 30% by farmland. There are now 6 towns, 5 communities and 356 administrative villages with a resident population of 480000. 
    Fenghua has a very long history and many famous people were born here. It is the holy land of Maitreya and hometown of the Jiang’s family. The ancestors of Fenghua people have lived in the area named “Ming Shanhou” since more than five thousand years ago. The administration was established 1300 years ago. In 738, it was made a county and became a city in 1988. There were many famous people born here. It is the holy land of Maitreya and the birth place, Buddhist training and Parinirvana for the Cloth Bag Monk in Liang of the Five Dynasties period. The open-air Maitreya Buddha statue in Xuedou Temple finished and consecrated in November, 8th, 2008 is 56.7m tall and is the tallest bronze meitreya statue in China and a treasure to hand down. In modern times, there are Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching Kuo, as well as “Father of the Olympic” - Mr. Wang Zhengting, literature master – Ba Ren, world famous bass – Si Yigui, etc. 
    Fenghua with its beautiful waters and mountains is one of the outstanding tourist cities and a nationally advanced clean city. The forest coverage rate is 62.6%. There are more than 300 days in one year that the air quality satisfies the first class standard of national standard. It is the Best City in Zhejiang Province Urban Environment Comprehensive Quantitative Assessment. Tengtou and Xikou are the AAAAA national scenic spots. Xikou Town, representing Asia, was elected by the Future Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo. Tengtou Village is known to all as “Global Top 500 in Ecology” and “World Top 10 Harmonious Villages”. 
    Industry in Fenghua is well developed. It is the Top 100 County (City) in both economic strength and comprehensive strength. It ranks No.63 in county economy competitiveness. In 2011, the total output value of the city is RMB26 billion with the average income of urban and rural citizens of RMB32893 and RMB15654 respectively. With the fast economic development of the Yangtze River Delta, the Party and government of Fenghua bring forward the strategic target to develop the holy land of Maitreya, hometown of the Jiang’s family, scenic spot and SunBay in order to build Fenghua city as a Powerful City, Quality City and Cultural City.

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