The Introduction of Xikou Town

    In the west of Fenghua, Ningbo city, there is a famous and charming town named Xikou, which has a long history, graceful mountains, deep cultural foundations and rich tourism resources. Xikou, surrounded by mountains and rivers, is to the east of Wuling Ridge, to the south of the Shan Stream and to the north of Xuedou Mountain. It covers 381 square kilometers, and is regarded as the legendary “Xanadu”. Besides, Xikou has been labelled as “National Park of China” and “National AAAAA Level Tourist Area”. 
    Xikou is the hometown of Mr. Chiang Kai-shek and Mr. Chiang Chingkuo. Fenghao House、the ancestral tombs、temples and home convent are well protected, which can be regarded as “the typical representation of the culture of the Republic of China”; Xuedou Mountain, which is one of the fifth-famous Chinese Buddhist mountains, is the only national scenic spot in Ningbo City. With picturesque natural scenery and numbers of historic figures, Xikou enjoys the harmony of landscape, cultural interest and buddhism site. Xuedou Temple, which is titled as “one of the ten Chan Sect temples in the world”,is considered as the Daochang (home of Buddha) of Maitreya Buddha. Newly built Maitreya is 56.7 meters high, which is the tallest sitting posture copper image and exquisite item of Buddhism culture. Besides, there are a large number of places of interest in Xuedou Mountain, such as Xufu Yan Waterfall, the Qianzhang Cliff, Sanyin Lake, etc. 
    In 2010, as one of the representations of global five continents, Xikou is successfully elected into “the Urban Future Area” of Shanghai World Expo, which stands for the development direction of future cities. There are three advantages for Xikou being selected for Shanghai World Expo: firstly, Xikou represents the development direction of future cities. Future cities will highlight development of small towns rather than big cities; Secondly, Xikou is the first batch of development and reform pilot project confirmed by the Ministry of Construction in 2005. In recent years, Xikou’s economy as well as natural landscape and cultural landscape are develop neck and neck; Thirdly, Xikou’s eco-environment is protected excellently. 
    The development direction of future city is small towns with harmonious eco-environment and high technology. According to the principle of “Eco-environment everywhere, Eco-environment everyperson and Eco-environment everytime”, we are trying to build Xikou as one of world famous tourist towns, which is suitable for people to travelling, living and working. Additionally, let Xikou become a distinguishing tourist town in Yangtze River Delta and the best ecological living area in Ningbo city.

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