A Brief Introduction of Fenghua Experimental Secondary School

    Fenghua Experimental Secondary School is a young but excellent junior school. It was founded in August 1995 and identified as one of the thousand national experimental schools in 1996. It was awarded “Ningbo Municipal Civilized School” and “Zhejiang Provincial First Batch Civilized School” in 1997, and “Town Demonstration School” in Zhejiang province in 2002. It was recommended as “light burden but high quality school” by Ningbo Teaching and Research Section and participated in the teaching experience sharing in 2006. It was awarded “Ningbo Demonstration School of School-based Research” in 2007 and “Ningbo Advanced School of New Curriculum Reform” in 2008. It successfully passed the review of “light burden but high quality school” organized by Zhejiang Provincial Education Department in 2009 and it is now a model school for secondary-level teaching in Fenghua. 
    The school campus covers 81 mu with a building area of 21000 square meters. It consists of 3 classroom buildings, an experiment building, an administration building, a canteen, a dormitory, a standard sports field with plastic track and other sports facilities. 
The school currently has 45 classes with over 2600 students and 163 registered staff members. After more than ten years’ development, it has gradually formed a team of backbone teachers including 2 Ningbo key teachers, 2 Fenghua prestigious teachers, 9 Fenghua academic key teachers, over 20 Ningbo new star teachers and quality lesson winners, over 50 Fenghua new star teachers and quality lesson winners. It has the leading position in the Chinese, English, Math and Science contests in Fenghua. It has represented Fenghua to participate in Ningbo academic competitions variously and won group awards in Ningbo, especially in Math and Science. Besides the academic excellence, the school has also developed unique physical and aesthetic expertise such as juvenile sports school, shooting team, school hulusi team, school choir, etc. 
    Sticking to the school goals of “demonstration and uniqueness” and “five first-classes”, the school strives to advocate the school spirits of “Endeavor” “Excellence” “Innovation” “Pioneer” “Lead”. It has offered many qualified and ever-progressing students to upper-class schools, earning very good reputation in society. 
    After over ten years’ development, the school is increasingly showing its mature charm with the integrating features of balanced education, academic contests, physical and aesthetic expertise, together with its core value of “light burden but high quality”. Looking forward, the school is strongly determined to uphold the school vision of “Teaching with Uniqueness, Students with Strengths, School with Features”, to develop further the school features and to build firmly the school brand.