The Introduction of Jin Ping Middle School

    Jin Ping Middle School, founded in 1969, is located in the east of Fenghua’s Feng Mountain and to the south of Jin Brook. It is named as “Fenghua County Middle School” at the beginning. In early 1980s, because of place name census, it changes its name as “Jin Ping Middle School” for its wonderful geography and beautiful environment. 
    Jin Ping Middle School is directly under Fenghua Education Bureau, which has 178 teachers and 2551 students. Among those teachers, there are 49 senior teachers. The middle school covers 43780 square meters, and the construction areas are 20575 square meters. With old trees towering in the school and sinuous paths crossing the school, the whole campus is full of green plants, singing birds, beautiful flowers, academic atmosphere and extraordinary talents. 
    With the purpose of “Care others as duty, help others succeed as glory”, we take the mission to help every students to achieve their aims. Through the ways of life education and civic education, with the platforms of “Teachers Development Projects”, “Parents School”, “Cultivation Community”, “Jin Ping Lecture”, “Allied Schools”, etc., our purposes are to comprehensively promote quality-oriented education and to foster virtuous, studious and fully developed students. 
    Through more than forty years development, now it is the golden age of our school. We have received many awards, including “Junior High School Model of Zhejiang Province”, “Ningbo Demonstration Civilization School”, “The Second Academic Base School of Ningbo Super Teachers Association” and “Excellent Teachers Training Practice Base of Ningbo Primary and Middle School”. 
    Now, with ambitious education dreams, people of Jin Ping Middle School continuously work hard in order to development quickly.