The Brief Introduction of Fenggang Middle School

    Fenggang Middle School, located near the East China Sea, is the middle school directly under the jurisdiction of Fenghua Education Bureau, Zhejiang Province. It was founded in 1987 by the local government and funded by patriotic compatriot Wang Jianwei from Hongkong. 
    The school, which was rebuilt in new place in 2011, covers an area of 66557 square meters. The floorage is 36648 square meters, and green space is 22496 square meters. The school has characteristics of modernization, orderly layout, beautiful and quiet environment and perfect teaching facilities. Now there are 34 classes, 118 teachers and 1475 students with rich teaching power and developmental potential. 
    Recently, our school has devoted to building harmonious and happy campus guided by the culture. The school is run in accordance with the school mission of experience in practice, sharing in the cooperation and growth in the study. Our motto is to be supreme sincerity and goodness. With deeper cultural atmosphere, the targets of our school are to build harmonious and poetic school culture, to form knowledgeable, diligent, students-oriented and enthusiastic teaching style; diligent, intelligent and thoughtful learning style and pragmatic, harmonious and aggressive school style. 
    Our school has been awarded more than 40 honorary titles, such as National Practical Educational Activity Advanced School, the 10th Five-years Plan of National Educational Science Key Research Topics Experience School, Provincial Advanced Green Unit, Provincial Advanced School of Sanitation, the first batch of Provincial Food Safety Demonstrative Canteen and so on. 

    School address: 128 Jinfeng Road, Yuelin Street, Fenghua, Ningbo of Zhejiang Province, PRC 
    Contacts: Li Jing 
    Tel: 0574-88906901 
    Fax: 0574-88906907