The Application Procedures and Duration of Foreign Expert Certificate

   I. Application

  According to territorial management principle, the employer in Ningbo has to send an application to Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs (BFEA). The application material should be authentic, and if not, it will be dealt with according to item 78 in the Administrative License Law. 

  II. Acceptance

  1. Application will be accepted only when the materials are complete and in the required form according to the law.

  2. The administration allows applicants to correct the mistakes in the application materials on the spot. As for those applications that are incomplete or not in the required form, the administration should inform the applicants of all the needed corrections by an document with a relevant seal and date on it right on the spot or within five days. If the administration fails to deliver the document in five days, the application is regarded as being accepted since the applying day. If, at the expiration of the time limit, the applicant fails to make the corrections, the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn.

  3. No matter the application is accepted or not, the administration will send an document with relevant seal and date on it to inform the applicant. To those whose applications are denied by the administration, reasons should be listed in the document.

  III. Examine and Approve

  The administration will examine the applications in accordance with relevant regulation, and makes decision within 20 days. In special circumstances, the result of the application can be postponed for 10 days with the approval of the person in charge. Meanwhile, a pertinent document will be delivered to applicant stating the reason.

  The administration can refuse the application in following cases:

  1.         There is doubt in the authenticity of the application materials.

  2.         The applicant does not meet the qualification as a foreign expert.

  3.         Other conditions that the administration doubts the appropriation of granting the foreign expert certificate.

  The administration will send a document with relevant seal and date on to declare the decision of the application. If the application is refused, certain reasons will be noted on the announcement. On the other hand, if the application is approved, the foreign expert certificate issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) will be delivered to the applicant in 10 days since the approval.

  When the certificate is officially signed and issued, the local administrative seal is needed as well as the signature of relevant authorizer.

  IV. Application for Employment Visa (Z Visa)

  The Employer should submit an application to Ningbo Foreign Affairs Offices for the letter or telex of employment visa notification issued by the authorized unit, with an original and a photocopy of foreign expert certificate and a photocopy of valid passport. Foreign experts, who intend to work in Ningbo, should apply for Employment Visa (Z Visa) at the Chinese embassies, consulates and visa offices, bringing with the original of foreign expert certificate, the letter or telex of visa notification sent by the authorized unit and the valid passport. After the issue of Employment Visa (Z Visa), Chinese embassies, consulates and visa offices should retain the original of work certificate.

  V. The Application of Foreign Expert Certificate and Residence Permit

  1.          The employer of the foreign expert with Z Visa should apply for Foreign Expert Certificate from BFEA within 15 days since entry to China, and apply for Residence Permit from Exit-Entry Administration Office of Ningbo Public Security Bureau with Z Visa and Foreign Expert Certificate within 30 days since entry to China.

  2.          To those who are working in China but want to have a new job or do not have Foreign Expert Certificate due to various reasons, the present employer should apply for Foreign Expert Certificate for them with the above mentioned document within 15 days since they have got the new job or entry to China.

  3.         The BFEA will examine the application and make decisions with five working days, and grant certificates to those qualified.

  The foreign experts who change employer should return the Foreign Expert Certificate and the new employer should apply a new one for them. When the foreign experts leave China, the employer should withdraw the Foreign Exert Certificate or make it invalid.