Residence Permit

Administrative Authority:

Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the authorized public security bureaus in cities, counties and districts of Ningbo


Immigration Administrative Bureau of Ningbo Municipality  

Contact Information:

0574-87758210, 0574-87758211

Eligible Applicants

1.  Foreign technological and management personnel working in enterprises in Ningbo and in foreign agencies in Ningbo.

2. Foreign experts working in appointed schools in Ningbo.  

3.  Foreign personnel for business theatrical performances in Ningbo.  

4. Other qualified foreign personnel, the accompanying spouse, parents and children under the age of 18 of such personnel.

Handling Time Limit:

Within five working days.

Service Hours:

Service hours from Monday to Friday


200 yuan for passport, 400 yuan for reissued passport, 20 yuan for endorsement.

Related Law:  


Documentation to Be Submitted:

1. Documents to be submitted in person for first application:  

1.1  Completely filled VISA OR RESIDENT PERMIT APPLICATION FORM, two recent 2-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced photos;  

1.2 Data page of valid passport, and copy of the visa with the latest entry stamp of the applicant;    

1.3 The original of the certificate of check-in in Ningbo (issued by the hotel or the police substation of the area where the lodging takes place)  

1.4  the official letter of application of the unit;  

1.5 The Health Certificate issued by Ningbo Municipal Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine (except for personnel under 18);  

1.6 Duplicate of the business license of the enterprise, copy of the approval certificate and the organizational code certificate (issued after December 20, 2004); those from foreign agencies  are required to submit the copy of the registration certificate of the agency; those personnel for business theatrical performances are required to submit the approval document for the performance issued by Ministry of Culture or Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Department;  

1.7 Copy of employment certificate issued by Ningbo Municipal Labor Bureau or copy of certificate of foreign expert issued by Ningbo Municipal Office of Foreign Affairs to foreign experts working in schools in Ningbo; those from foreign agencies  are required to submit the employee’s card of the agency; these documents are exempted for the accompanying spouse, parents and children;  

1.8  Other certificates that the public security office and the immigration administrative department require the applicant to submit.  The accompanying relatives of the applicant should submit, in addition to the data page of valid passport and copy of the visa with the latest entry stamp of the applicant, corresponding documents for the relative relationships.  

2.  The health certificate is exempted for re-application in valid term.

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