List of "beautiful rivers and lakes" in Sichuan Province announced

Recently, the Provincial Department of water resources released the list of "beautiful rivers and lakes" in 2019, which is on the list of Renhu in our district.

In the north of Fenghua City, there is a high land, xianglinggang, under which there is a lake, namely Renhu. Since the Song Dynasty, the pond has been built with sluice gates to store the water from the mountains and hills, forming a lake of "four or five miles wide and four or five feet deep", irrigating the surrounding land and benefiting the villagers, which is a witness of the benevolent government and benefiting the people for thousands of years. After historical evolution, in the 1970s, Renhu became Tiantang.

In 2013, the Renhu Park project was officially started. Based on the people-oriented design concept, the Park focuses on the urban characteristics and landscape features of Fenghua. In 2015, Renhu Park Phase I project was completed. The total water area of the newly-built Renhu lake is about 0.1km2, the water source is rainwater, the water depth is 2.5m, the water quality reaches class II water standard, and meets the requirements of drainage according to the 20-year return period flood standard. Now, it has become a good place for residents to have a rest, keep fit and have fun. It is also a beautiful business card of Fenghua.

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