Large scale killing operation in urban area

At about 8:30 last night, a modified sprinkler slowly drove on Park Road. An environmental sanitation worker stood at the back of the vehicle, holding a high-pressure water gun, spraying disinfectant water on the road and street trees. From February 10, the district sanitation department will carry out a killing operation every night in the urban area.

In order to better carry out large-scale killing work, the environmental sanitation department of the district refitted two sprinklers and two high-pressure washing vehicles to facilitate vehicle loading and spraying of disinfectant. From 20:00 to 24:00 every day, four "killing vehicles" will be used to kill the main and secondary roads in the city, and the killing efforts around the people's Hospital, the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the Aimei hospital and the medical observation points will be strengthened.

"In order not to affect the normal life of the public, killing operations were carried out at night, and spraying intensity was controlled." According to the district general law enforcement bureau, the disinfectant in the "killing vehicle" is strictly matched according to the standard, which is not harmful to the public health. At the same time, the Bureau has been connected with Jiangbei District Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau. The next day, it uses fog gun disinfection vehicles to carry out large-scale operations, further expand the killing area and improve the operation mode.

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