Big grain farmers are busy preparing for farming

Spring is the plan of the year. At present, spring ploughing drums have been beating in the whole region. Yesterday morning, Jiang Fude, a large grain grower in Shiqiao natural village, Siwei village, Xiwu street, was busy repairing all kinds of agricultural machinery and equipment to make full preparation for the coming spring ploughing production.

Jiang Fude has contracted 1850 mu of farmland this year, with the exception of 1550 mu of wheat, and other 300 mu of farmland will be planted with early rice. Jiang Fude is a versatile person. He can not only operate rice transplanter, harvester and plant protection machine, but also repair and maintain agricultural machinery by himself. Since the beginning of this year, he has carried out comprehensive maintenance on 1 transplanter, 2 tractors and 6 plant protection machines. During this period of time, due to the busy processing of high-quality rice, Jiang Fude used morning and evening time to repair agricultural machinery and prepare for spring ploughing.

It is understood that Jiang Fude recently borrowed 300000 yuan from the Agricultural Bank of China for the purchase of agricultural machinery and fertilizer. At present, we have purchased 25 tons of compound fertilizer, 35 tons of formula fertilizer and 30000 seedling throwing plates. After the outbreak, six to seven more workers will be hired. "To achieve high grain yield, we must promote good varieties and methods. This year, we are going to promote new techniques of light cultivation of early rice that are labor-saving, labor-saving and cost-effective, and take the road of scientific and technological grain production." Jiang Fu De is full of confidence in planting good spring food.

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