Busy in the sun

In recent days, the weather is clear, and Qifeng village, a street of Cunhu, presents a unique picture of the fishing village. In the moss rack on the open space on the road, the fishermen gradually spread a large number of dark green moss to dry. Along with the warm sunshine, the surface of the dried seaweed quickly becomes dry and emits a unique salty fragrance.

From February to April of each year, it is the peak season for seaweed harvesting. This year, the novel coronavirus pneumonia has been affected by the outbreak of new crowns, and the seaweed harvest and air drying have been stagnant for nearly two months. In the near future, with the situation of epidemic prevention and control gradually getting better, fishermen seize the opportunity of the last month of seaweed mining and drying. As long as the weather is sunny, they will dry the seaweed in the open space, and the wholesale price of seaweed has increased compared with the previous year. Dried seaweed can be used to make moss peanut, moss cake, thousand layer cake, oil Zanzi and other delicacies.

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