"May Day" holiday activities in Tengtou scenic area are rich and colorful

"During the May Day holiday, there are various activities in Tengtou scenic area. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, we will strengthen the security personnel on duty, require tourists to show green codes and take temperature measurements, and implement current limiting measures." Recently, Tengtou scenic area has done a good job in preparation for the arrival of the May Day holiday.

It is understood that during the "May 1st" period, Tengtou arranged Russian International Circus, folk art performance and other programs. The small train, the "little yellow duck" cruise ship in grandma's Creek, Outdoor Sky Park, rainbow slide, etc. all returned to normal operation. At the same time, Tengtou ecological folk food Park launched a series of "May 1st" new products and all kinds of food activities, so that tourists can enjoy the feast on the tip of their tongue.

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