Approaching intangible cultural heritage and pickling techniques

Yesterday, the third experimental kindergarten in Fenghua sent bursts of roasted bamboo shoots. Originally, in order to let children know more about intangible cultural heritage culture, the park integrated intangible cultural heritage into the kindergarten curriculum, organized and carried out "Yongcheng intangible cultural heritage" practice and exploration activities.

Before the activity, the teacher specially took the children to visit Ding Chuansong, the inheritor of Yangwei bamboo shoot pickling technology, Jinxi village, Xikou town. Then, the kindergarten, combined with the course of "summer's goat tail bamboo shoots", led the children to explore the traditional skills of selecting, peeling, baking, salting and so on in the production process of goat tail bamboo shoots, so that the children could feel the unique local intangible cultural heritage culture.

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