Caring women entrepreneurs donate coats to the elderly

Warm winter love, strong sense of dedication. On December 28 last year, Wu Huizhen, a female entrepreneur in Xiwu street, donated 1500 overcoats to the elderly over 65 years old in Jujing, miaohouzhou and Tingshan villages to make them warm for the winter.

Wu Huizhen is a native of Xiwu. She is not only a successful female entrepreneur, but also a philanthropist. Over the years, Wu Huizhen has not forgotten to give back her love to her hometown while her enterprise has developed and grown, demonstrating the great love and social responsibility of female entrepreneurs.

It is reported that Wu Huizhen has donated coats to the elderly in Jujing and other three villages for five consecutive years, and donated money and materials to families with difficulties. Wu Huizhen said that she is very down-to-earth in her mind to help the villagers with her own strength, and will continue to participate in public welfare undertakings in the future.

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