I am a little urban cosmetician - Little journalists in Fenghua personally experience the work for environmental sanitation

In the morning of October 30, the activity of "I am a little urban cosmetician", jointly carried out by the Fenghua District Integrated Media Center and the Fenghua District Environmental Health Management Office, was held at the Yuelin Square. 15 little journalists from schools in the Fenghua District followed sanitation workers to personally experience garbage classification and garbage cleaning and so on.

At 8 a.m., these little journalists, accompanied by their parents, arrived at the Yuelin Square. Tu Fangbin, Director of the Fenghua District Environmental Health Management Office, introduced the main working contents of sanitation workers, focusing on the significance of garbage classification. "After listening to this uncle's introduction, I know that uncles and aunts working for environmental sanitation have to clean the garbage on roads and in squares and other places every day. It's very hard work. I can't throw garbage casually in the future, and I should also participate in garbage classification." Shu Tao, a little journalist from Fenghua, said.

During the activity, little journalists were organized to participate in ground sweeping competition, clearing relay competition, garbage classification competition, physical competition and so on in groups, so as to let them deepen their awareness of environmental protection and garbage classification while experiencing the hard work of sanitation workers.