Investigation of fire safety hazards in industrial enterprises carried out

On November 22, the Fenghua District Fire Rescue Brigade organized the investigation of fire safety hazards in industrial enterprises. This action focuses on key areas such as township industrial parks, village-level industrial clusters, small and micro enterprise parks, as well as enterprises of 7 key categories, such as hazardous chemical enterprises, textile and clothing footwear enterprises, bamboo and wood processing enterprises, foam sponge manufacturing enterprises, lithium battery manufacturing enterprises, and household electrical appliance manufacturing enterprises.

That night, the law enforcement personnel checked the evacuation routes, firefighting facilities, electrical laying, staff training and education of the enterprises, and found out the prominent hidden dangers such as illegal housing, illegal building, illegal use of fire and electricity and so on. After the inspection, the law enforcement personnel filled in the inspection record form and issued notices for correction to the enterprises with potential fire safety hazards.

"For enterprises with potential fire safety hazards, we will guide and urge the units to rectify the potential problems. For enterprises that still do not rectify after the investigation, we will take legal measures and lay corresponding penalties. If the problems are serious, we will order them to suspend production and business." Cheng Gaoping, Head of the Fenghua District Fire Rescue Brigade, said that for the next step, the Fenghua District Fire Rescue Brigade will also arrange inspection of industrial enterprises in the area under its jurisdiction, mobilize all towns (subdistricts) and industrial departments to carry out a full range investigation, and continue to increase law enforcement efforts to ensure that fire safety hazards are rectified in a timely manner and within a closed loop.