Little painters' Big Love Charity Sale fund donated to students of poor families in mountainous areas

"Uncle, this is my own painting. All the money earned from selling the painting will be donated to the children of poor families in mountain areas." Yesterday morning, accompanied by teachers and parents, 25 little "painters" walked through the streets in the Xiwu Subdistrict to sell their paintings for 10 yuan, 30 yuan, 80 yuan... Each piece of work gathered small love and big dreams.

It's learnt that most of these little "painters" come from different primary schools and kindergartens in Fenghua, and some have not yet gone to kindergartens. They introduced the contents of their paintings to the passers-by on their own. Lifelike dragon boats, graceful flowers, the God of Wealth who means to attract money and treasure, and the Longevity Man who wishes a long life... These paintings reflect a colorful, harmonious and beautiful world in the eyes of children.

According to statistics, 90 paintings were sold and a total of 2,825 yuan of caring money was received. On the same day, all the money was donated to the Fenghua District Red Cross Society to subsidize children from poor families in the Dayan Town.