1.4 million fish fry released into the Xianjiang River to enrich fishery resources

"Let's put the fish home together." On the occasion of the World Environment Day, in the afternoon of June 1, the Fenghua district held the "Fish Swimming in Fenghua- Fenghua River Ecological Conservation Project" and the fishery resources proliferation and fish fry release activity. 12 primary school students, together with government officials and volunteers, put 1.4 million fish fry into the Xianjiang River.

In the afternoon of the same day, in the Xianjiang River section to the west of the Longjin Shangdu Residential Quarter, three huge buckets were filled with fish fry. Everyone carefully lifted the basin and poured the fry into the river. One by one, the fry swam into the river along the diversion channel. The species released this time are black carp and grass carp suitable for growing in fresh-water rivers.

It is reported that the fishery resources proliferation and release activities in our district have been held for more than ten years. Fish fry are usually put in Fenghua inland river basins such as the Xianjiang River and Dongjiang River and Xiangshan Port sea area, aiming to maintain aquatic biodiversity and promote the sustainable development of fishery resources.

The activity was held under the leadership of the Environment Beautification Office of the Fenghua District, and organized by the Fenghua District Ecological Environment Sub-bureau and the Fenghua District Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau.